Renewable Energy Investment Opportunity

NQBE welcomes Institutional Investors, such as Retail and Wholesale Superannuation Funds, Managed Funds and Private Equity Partnerships, and High Net Worth individuals to invest in this renewable energy Project.

The world is moving towards a sustainable renewable energy society and NQBE is 100% green and environmentally friendly.
The Infrastructure Funding model allows Investors to achieve a rate of return substantially higher than the current bank investment rate and most importantly, provides for an exit strategy.


Investment Highlights

  • Opportunity to invest in a renewable energy project in North Queensland, Australia.
  • AUD$240 million equity investment requirement.
  • 350,000 to 400,000 tonnes of raw sugar production per year commencing from June 2020 (about 7–9 % of current sugar production in Australia).
  • Sugar and ethanol off take opportunities.
  • EXIT strategy for investment.
  • Negotiable returns on investment.
  • Stable political situation.


Investment Overview

  • NQBE is in the process of establishing a new AUD$640m, greenfield fully Integrated sugar cane based Renewable Energy Facility (Facility) located in Ingham, North Queensland, Australia.
  • It is expected that the Facility will be fully operational in June 2020.
  • The Facility is strategically located in the state of Queensland, which represents over 95% of Australia’s raw sugar production.
  • The Facility is located in close proximity to multiple, congestion-free, bulk sugar ports, principally those at Lucinda and Townsville.
  • NQBE has entered into legally binding ten (10) year Cane Supply Agreements (CSA) with cane farmers, thereby ensuring the continuity of cane supply for the Facilities operations.
  • The Project enjoys strong support from the Queensland State government, with the project being designated a “Significant Project” under the State’s planning laws.
  • All Federal and Queensland State government development approvals have been received, including relevant environment and transportation approvals.
  • The Project has also been declared “not a controlled action” by the Australian Federal government, which means that a very costly Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is not required.
  • The Facility will employ “state of the art” known and proven technologies and systems that will improve raw sugar quality, as well as ensure waste products and heat are recycled with maximum efficient into economically valuable by-products.
  • Apart from the production of raw sugar, the other products produced will be (1) Bagasse bio-mass for electricity generation and (2) molasses for ethanol production. 
  • At a later stage (after 2020), it is envisaged that the Facility will also produce bio-fuels, bio-plastics and other high value chemicals, using the second generation “cellulosic “ technology.


Production Overview

When fully operational in 2020, the Facility will be capable of producing up to 430,000 tonnes of raw sugar per year, using 3.0 million tonnes of sugar cane throughput.  This production volume will represent about 7-9% of the current level of raw sugar production in Australia. 

In addition, waste products from sugar production will be utilised to generate electricity for sale and distribution through the National Electricity Grid and to produce ethanol for the Australian fuel sector.



Quantity per year

Sugar cane process capacity

 3,100,000 tonnes

Raw sugar production

    430,000 tonnes

Molasses produced

      90,000 tonnes

Ethanol production

22,000,000 litres

Electrical power exported to national distribution grid

     580,000mW hrs

Sugar productions days per annum


Ethanol and electricity export days per annum



Exit Strategy

As part of the strategic positioning of the Project, NQBE has a clearly defined exit strategy from investors.  NQBE is prepared to work with investors to meet mutually agreed exit time frames.


NQBE Overview

NQBE was incorporated in July 2004 and is a Queensland based unlisted public company.  The company has not traded and it’s only business activity has been the pursuit of the relevant State & Federal government approvals and finance for the fully integrated Renewable Energy Facility.


Reasons to Invest

  • Opportunity to invest in a significant renewable energy project in a politically and economically stable country.
  • Australia is the third largest producer of raw sugar in the world, after Brazil and India, and the Facility, when completed will produce approximately 7-9% of the current level of raw sugar production in Australia.


Contact Details

For a confidential discussion on the above investment opportunity, interested parties should contact


Director:   Robert M Carey


                  Phone:  (04) 4776 5300

                  Email:  [email protected]