Suzuki's Cars Will Run On 100% Ethanol in US, Brazil by 2010

 According to the Nikkei Business Daily (via, Japan's Suzuki Motor Company will begin selling cars that run completely on 100% ethanol in the US and Brazil by 2010. The company will begin the transition by first offering an E25 sedan for sale in Brazil this coming March.

Currently the most ethanol that a flex-fuel car can run on in the US is E85 - which is an 85% ethanol/15% gasoline blend. Suzuki's move would mark a huge development in ethanol-powered vehicles, and a huge shift for Suzuki, which hasn't had any alternative fuel-specific offerings in its lineup to this point.


Holden Ethanol Innovation

Holden Ethanol InnovationWhen is comes to alternative fuels, we offer more alternatives. E10 Ethanol is currently available with select Holden vehicles and E85 Ethanol is an emerging, renewable fuel option that can offer considerable environment benefits for the future.

The ethanol industry is a young industry with great potential. In the future the techniques used in ethanol production and the vehicles able to run on it will be very different. Europe and Brazil are great examples of countries who have adopted this new fuel technology, with Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) - able to run on any blend from E10 to E85* - already available for at least five years.


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