The Australian sugar industry has predominately relied on the production of raw sugar as its main revenue stream.

The focus on the production of a single product in the current globally competitive market place may survive while world sugar prices remain at the current high levels, however in the longer term, the Sugar Industry must diversify. Sugar is an international commodity traded on the world market. Supply and demand is very much part of the world price equation and with large expansions occurring in Brazil, India and Thailand, supply is generally never going to be short.

Continued low raw sugar prices in earlier years and the ability of Brazil to control the world market has forced Australian farmers to consider better utilisation of the sugarcane produced and value add locally.

  • NQBE's objective is to establish and operate a diversified multi-revenue stream business through:
  • Collaboration with shareholders, sugar growers and technology providers;
  • Establishing key relationships with suppliers and customers to enable it to deliver, over time, a suite of relevant sugarcane based products including crystal sugar, ethanol, electricity and bio-fertilizers;
  • NQBE will differentiate itself from the competition with new technology and products promoted with a benefit-focused branded marketing campaign based on sound science and both economic and environmental benefits.
  • Over time, and as technological research and development progress allow, NQBE will devote considerable resources to building its product brands as well as building the overall the growth of environmentally and socially responsible production of renewable biomass energy.